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Violin Bow

This 56.5g violin bow is strong, easy to play and draws a resonant tone comparable to an antique Tourte bow. The perforated aluminum stick reduces weight while assuring strength and stability.

Made with engineered materials (aluminum with 3D-printed fittings), it requires no rare rainforest wood. It is lightweight, balanced for easy handling, and cambered to draw a strong tone rivaling antique bows. The comparison bow used as the R&D performance target is a 55g Tourte bow sold at Christie's April 2012 auction for US$182,500.

The aluminum stick is satin-finished, so it reflects the colors of stage lights: the stick changes color as the lighting changes.

Paganini played a metal bow made from steel tube. Aluminum had only just been invented in his time so it was rare and expensive. If Paganini were alive today he would play this style of bow. Violin bows evolved over the centuries as musical composition and performance advanced. Now this versatile bow is for contemporary musicians. Click to hear recordings:

  • Wieniawski - Alla Saltarella (excerpt)

  • Takemitsu - Hika (excerpt)

  • Performance at Kleinert/James Center for the Arts (Woodstock Byrdcliffe Guild) September 26, 2015; Akiko Kamigawara, violin and Hiroko Sakurazawa, piano

  • 496 bow | U.S. Patent 9,006,546
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