Ernie Jackson with his custom F4c


he showmanship of Ernie Jackson exploits the versatility of his F4c electric guitar. It's customized with a midi pickup -- the F4c provides quick tracking, due to its clean, even tone and easy fingering. Jackson melds classical training with the rhythmic feel of funk and rap. He is the author of "The Music of Justin Holland", a study of this 19th century classical guitar master. Jackson's electric playing, as represented on the CDs "Burnin'" and "Notes from the Underground, v.1", calls for the ultimate in expressiveness and playability from his guitar. The BORN TO ROCK F4c delivers it. Ernie is shown here with his low serial number F4c guitar with a transparent plexi neck. It is one of the rarest fine musical instruments in the world. The plexi neck demonstrated the patented function of the F4 line. Very few were made with plexi necks. Current model F4c has a T-profile aluminum fretboard backed with wood inlays, and stainless steel frets (like the F4c guitar Ernie is using in the video below).

"The Music of Justin Holland" is published by Cherry Lane Music, 914-935-5200. The CD "Notes from the Underground, v.1" is produced by Guitar World magazine, 212-807-7100.

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ERNIE JACKSON ON YOUTUBE watch video of "Jamsire Ernoir" playing the F4c guitar (starting at 2:58)